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UI/UX – Lead Product Designer -Silicon Valley software development in your backyard (Mpls.)

Location: St. Paul, Minnesota
Date Posted: 07-24-2018
Only Local UI/UX Product Designer Candidates

Position Summary
Our Client is seeking a creative, disciplined designer who loves to develop excellent products and is interested in joining a well-run, high-potential Twin Cities tech startup. You will be part of our seven-person team of successful engineers, product designers, and marketers dedicated to creating apps that have the potential to be used and loved by millions of people.

Major Job Functions (%)
1.  Problem Solve (30%) - With each project, designer should:
  1. Analyze the fundamental user need and goal
  2. Outline approaches for solving user need and achieving goal
  3. Conduct technical research if applicable (web searches, conversations with team engineers, exploration/trial of analog products)
  4. Determine the solution that best balances great UX, technical feasibility and time/effort to develop
  5. Use work done in steps #1-4 to present a compelling case to Chief Product Officer regarding the proposed solution
2.  Design (50%) - With each project, designer should:
  1. Map out user flows
  2. Design screens
  3. Solve the design challenges that invariably arise when solutions go from conceptual to material
  4. Designer should create a great user experience, and the functional components and visual aesthetics of screens should reflect the right balance of existing conventions and future direction
  5. Candidate should present screens and narrative to Chief Product Officer
  6. Candidate should annotate design documents and provide clear direction to developers so that intended UX is achieved
 3.  Quality Assurance / Testing (20%)
  1. Ensure development is true to design and that desired UX is achieved
  2. Engage in user testing, customer feedback and QA testing to validate designs.
  3. Participate in customer support with rest with team
Critical Selection Criteria
  • Minimum of 3 years of professional experience 
  • Portfolio demonstrating interactive design work
  • Proficiency with a vector-based design tools (e.g., Sketch, Adobe XD, Adobe Illustrator)
  • Strong human-centered design and wire framing instincts

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